Winches • Gearmatic • John Deere • Timberjack

We provide full coverage of Gearmatic winch and Timberjack (Hercules/Eaton) winch parts including new in replacement drums, brake cylinder assemblies, clutch cylinder assemblies and component kits. We provide basic coverage for John Deere and Allied Systems winches and are planning to expand coverage as we find sources of supply.

We do not stock but we can supply a variety of winch parts upon request for Braden and Carco applications.


Winches I Brake Bands and Clutch Bands • Gearmatic • John Deere
• Timberjack

The Gearmatic winch was used on the early Caterpillar and Ranger machines, as well as many other brands.

We stock a full range of brake bands and clutch bands for the Gearmatic 119 and 19. We also stock Gearmatic 9, John Deere and Timberjack (Hercules/Eaton) brake bands.


Log Skidders • Caterpillar • CTR/Prentice • Tigercat
• Timberjack (Esco Snubber)

We provide snubber discs, both metallic and fiber in 1/2 moon style or full circle style. For the continuous rotation grapple snubbers we provide the friction and reaction plates. We stock a snubber kit, which consists of pins, bushing, and a snubber link, as well as all other parts needed for the replacement or change over of old style snubbers.


Log Skidders • Caterpillar • CTR/Prentice • Ranger • Tigercat
• Timberjack • Tree Farmer (Esco Grapple)

We fully support the Esco grapple line in Sorting Head sizes 72", 82", 100", and 104" and Bunching Head sizes 85", 90", 110", and 120".

We stock full coverage for the Esco grapple including the snubber link, pins and bushings, packing kits and motors. We provide a wide range of parts for the Franklin grapple and the John Deere grapple. Also available is the shock absorber for the John Deere grapple skidder.


Feller Bunchers • Hydro-Ax • John Deere • Tigercat
• Timberjack (20" and 22" Koehring/Waratah Felling Head)

We stock the hot saw parts for the Koehring / Waratah felling head consisting of pins, bushings, arm springs and disc saw drive bearings.

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